Ultrasonic plastic welding machine ∑2000 series is a complete ultrasonic welding device integrating ultrasonic digital generator and controller and ultrasonic welding press. The ∑2000 series has a variety of welding modes to meet more stringent welding requirements from customers. The welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material. ∑2000 Ultrasonic plastic welding machine has unique effects on PE and PP materials with soft welding and super-long and long-length plastic weldments. It can meet the needs of various products, improve user productivity and appearance of welding surfaces. degree. Quick switching of vibration system  Welding pressure up to 2000N  Welding power can be selected within the range of 2kW -5kW Stroke adjustable from 1 mm to 75 mm Can be integrated in the production line  Guides need no maintenance Sturdy and easy to operate

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