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Ultrasonic-weldingsystems USP

Welding press for optimum quality across the entire range of applications


USP ultrasonic welding systems for welding and fusion forming thermoplastics and separating textiles, fleeces and foils are suitable for everything from small- scale to very large applications. The stable Telsonic press design can be extended with modules and operated in combination with Telso®Flex controller and MAG generator to guarantee you maximum control of your process. A range of welding modes and trigger types enable optimum ultrasonic processing of plastic parts. The welding results are monitored in quality windows and automatically evaluated both graphically and statistically.

Ultrasound systems - Processing plastics
  • ultrasonic welding
  • ultrasonic packaging sealing
  • ultrasonic embedding

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Ultrasonic USP and TSP - Linear and torsional ultrasonic processes

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