Availability: In stock Delivery Time: 2-3 Days power output: 160 W/m² digital touch screen thermostat temperature sensor Electric underfloor heating mat 160 W/m² Warm-On heating mats can be used either as primary heating or secondary heating solution. Our 160 Watt/m² Premium heating mats are ultra-thin stitched and can be laid directly in the tile adhesive. Therefore these heating mats are ideal for a ground with a very limited mounting height. The double core technology provides just one power lead to wire for easy installation. Modern polymer materials ensures: High mechanical strength High level of Electric safety Full hermeticity Long – life performance Low installation damageability Self-adhesive mats for easy installation Touch screen thermostat SE200 Warm-on touch screen thermostat SE200 is a programmable temperature controller with touch display. Thanks to its innovative technology like touch display, program mode, integrated self-optimization and the possible...

Product features

Voltage 230 V
Nominal Power Mats 160 W/m²
Total Power Max. Operation Temp.
Max. Operation Temp. 80°C
Min. Operation Temp. -10 °C
Min. Storage Temp. -20 °C
Min. Installation Temp. -10 °C
Width 0,5 m
Length Weight
Weight Cold lead length
Cold lead length 2 m
Cable Diameter ~ 3,0 mm
IP Protection Level IP 67
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years
Certifications CE

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