Single Shafts Shredder(MSA-N)(1.5-9.0T/H) MSA-N Series Single Shaft Shredders are heavy duty size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials. These shredders are ideal for the size reduction of flexible and/or medium hardness hollow products in bales. The fast acting, PLC controlled swing pusher automatically forces material to the rotor according to motor loading which maximizes material throughput. Machine capacities typically range between1,500kg/hr –9,000kg/hr+ MSA-N Series commercial Single Shaft Shredders are widely used in the volumetric reduction of various waste products, including but not restricted to the following. Plastc Bottles, Plastic Pipes, Woven Bags, Electrical Cable, Wood, Paper, Domestic Rubbish & Electronic Waste, aluminum cans, ubc bales. A suitable screen can be chosen depending upon the materials being processed and the next processing requirement. The Output material discharged by the shredder could be an end product or the...

Industrial waste management
  • Universal Aluminum Cans Single Shaft Shredding Machine
  • aluminum crusher
  • aluminum recycling

Product features

maximum gross weight 5 tons
motor power 18.5 kw
Capacity 1 tons per hour
production name Universal Aluminum Cans Single Shaft Shredding Machine

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