Universal Dividing Head, which is apt for easy indexing of divisions. This machine is designed for all types of gear cutting operations. The worm and spindle in the machine are hardened and ground and has features of spiral machining capability. The Universal Dividing Head allows the customer to divide in any angle by the direct, indirect or differential methods with unique dividing head. Universal Dividing Heads for Tool Room and Production applications Work piece can be circularly indexed and precisely rotated to preset angles or circular divisions. The manual indexed (hand crank) head operates at ratio 40:1; i.e. 1 spindle revolution of 9 degrees per 40 crank turns. This allows your operator to accurately position the workpiece to any angle with an indexing plate. It is suitable for indirect as well as differential indexing Complete with Gear Head Item Code No.Size Inches ABM-VC-113404-1/2” ABM-VC-113415-1/2” ABM-VC-113426-1/2” ABM-VC-113437-1/2”

Tools & Hardware
  • Universal Dividing Head Manufacturer and Exporter India
  • dead centres for dividing heads
  • Lathe tools

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