MSB-37 two shafts waste shredding machine designed for shredding medical waste,hospital waste,harzardous waste into strips,for size reduction. the shredding chamber size is 780mm for lenth,580mm for width,blades size can be choosed as 25,30,40mm. low speed,high torque design make sure containous shredding force transfered from the gear box. we main sell this model to chemical company for shredding the harzardour and chemical waste. MSB-37 Official Photo ( Harzardous Waste Shredder) MSB-37 Application ● 25 liter oil drums ● Air conditioning radiator ● Oil filter ● Waste bikes ● Waste scrap car parts like doors ● Castings ● Aluminum Engines Shell ● Steel Roof ● E-Waste ● Scrap Tyre (600mm) ● Waste Fiber and cloth ● Harzardous Waste Phots From Customer Site

Industrial waste management
  • Aluminum Extrusion shredder
  • scrap aluminum recyc
  • metal crusher

Product features

Blades Alloy Steel
Motor 22-37kw
Shredding Chamber 780×580mm
Blade Wdith 30mm
Voltage Options Many-Consult Factory
Shredding Protection Stop And Auto Reverse
Overall Size( L×W×H) 3000mm×1490mm×2000mm
Hopper Opening(L×W) 1290×1050mm
Shipping Weight 6.0tons
Container Loading 1×20
Shredding Thickness 1-6mm Iron Plate Wood
Plastics Medical Waste
Paper/ Cardboard Document Destruction
Pharmaceuticals Product Destruction
Organic Waste Glass
Light Electronic Scrap Light Gauge Metals
Fibers/Mattress Textiles
Conveyor Feeding In/Out Hydraulic Drive
Hydraulic Feeding Hopper Oil Heating/ Cooling System
Gear Box Tank 150 liter
Gear Oil U.S Mobil 600XP

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Universal High Efficiency Aluminum Extrusion shredder

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