Universal Magnetic Indicator Holder includes an easy-to-read Best Test White face Indicator and case. This set is complete with a powerful permanent magnet and features a universal swivel joint with friction movement. Please remove the bottom round metal plate to activate the magnetic force. • Two Universal Ball sockets permits adjustments to any angle or position • Dovetail Clamp for Test Indicators. • 1/4” Hole for 1/4” Stem Indicators. • Provided with extension rod 1/4” x 3-1/2” • Powerful Magnetic Force. • Available with or without fine adjustments. Item Code No.Base Dia. InchBase Dia. MmBody Height InchBody Height mm ABM-IMT-54501-3/16"304-3/4"120 ABM-IMT-5451 (With Fine Adjustment)1-3/16"304-3/4"120

Machine tools - metal machining
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