As the name already makes it likely, Universal Potting Soil is an all-rounder. Extremely suitable for many purposes, repotting houseplants, fi lling terrace- and bloom boxes, planting trees and shrubs and cultivating bedding plants, perennials and vegetable plants. Universal Potting Soil is of plant breeder’s quality and is composed of top quality raw materials. It contains all the necessary nutrients and trace elements. Use: horticultural substrate for nurseries, trays, seedlings and culture. Packing: Universal Potting Soil can be packed in plastic bags of 50 ltr and 80 ltr. Advantages Plant breeder’s quality Composed of top quality raw materials Light and airy structure gives excellent potting characteristics High capacity water intake Extremely suitable for many purposes Product free of pathogens and organisms harmful to plants, animals and humans Areas of application Planting trees and shrubs Perennial and indoor plants Balcony and terrace plants Flowerbed Vegetable plants

  • Soils and substrates

Product features

Organic mass 97%
Water capacity 900 g/100g org. mass
Decomposition H3-H5
White peat 30%
Dark peat 70%
pH (10% solution) 5,2-6,2
Structure 0 10 mm
Density 325-365 kg/m 3

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