COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Powder filler based on plaster, calcium carbonate and various additives. The resulting paste is white. SUPPORT AGREED All types of interior substrates. COATINGS DTU 59.1. MATERIALS AVAILABLE DTU 59.1 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Setting time : 2 hours • Particle size : fine SUITABLE SURFACES The substrates must be in conformity with DTU 59.1, i.e., clean, hard, free of dust and any trace of release agent. Scrape down, sand and wash old paint. USE CAUTION The temperature during application and drying must be between 5 and 30°C. Do not apply to a damp substrate. Do not use mix that has begun to harden. RATE TEMPERING Around 10 to 12 l of water per 25 kg sack. Mixing is preferably to be carried out mechanically. APPLICATION Application is to be carried out using a float, a knife or a putty knife for smoothing. For a decorative finish, use a roller, brush or sponge.

Plaster and plaster products

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