Universal portable electric lift BD 400


BD 400 is the universal portable electric lift for raising heavy loads safely. Thanks to its unique construction, lifting loads as close as possible to a wall is also possible It is the lifting device suitable for all construction sites or workshops Thanks to its very small footprint and low weight, it can be easily transported for immediate use. Mast with aluminum anti-twist rails Only 2 elements: the elevator and the lifting accessory Immediate use on site, activated in a few seconds without tools 230 V single-phase electric motor with speed variator Possible use in the event of a power outage using the crank provided (or battery-powered screwdriver) Integrated torque limiter, cuts off lifting in case of overload Easy transport on site thanks to transport wheels Stabilizer with adjustable length wheels By design, the feet are placed in front of or behind the mast (for facade work)

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BD 400

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