Unpolished brown rice

Unpolished brown rice


Nowadays, rice is one of the staple foods for people in many countries. It is very healthy, nutritious and tastes good. Unpolished or brown (brown) rice is considered the most useful. It is cleaned only of the upper husk, leaving all the bran and nutrients. The remaining shell gives the rice a brown hue and a subtle pleasant nutty flavor. Thanks to the use of brown rice, cholesterol is well excreted from the body. It contains special substances that protect organs from ultraviolet radiation. Brown rice is highly valuable among all other cereals. Its proteins include amino acids and other chemical elements required by the human body. By the way, white rice, which is easier to prepare and familiar to the modern man in the street, does not have even a tenth of the benefits that are characteristic of brown rice.

Cereals and grains
  • крупа рисовая
  • не шлифованный рис
  • с оболочкой рис бурый

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