Tape is a thin layer of adhesive agent applied to a special, easy-to-peel backing (release material or release liner). We produce adhesive-transferring tapes based on melt adhesives (Hot-melt), which ensure high strength of the adhesive line and operation of tapes in a wide temperature range. The fundamental advantage of the adhesive-transferring tape (in comparison with conventional glue) is the ease, speed and accuracy of applying a strip of glue accurately along a given contour. Also, there is no need for unpleasant and time-consuming work on cleaning from adhesive substance residues. It is used for installation and finishing works, gluing door seals, gluing car parts, installing sealing gaskets on equipment, gluing paper, packing and wrapping boxes, gluing decorative panels, furniture production, sewing clothes and manufacturing industrial goods, making self-adhesive products without expensive equipment (rolling-on).

Tapes, adhesive
  • adhesive tapes for permanent fixings
  • self-binding tape
  • technical self-adhesive tapes

Product features

Inner diameter of bushing 76 mm
Extreme length deviation according to technical requirements ±5%
Extreme width deviation according to technical requirements ±1 mm
Adhesive agent type synthetic rubber
Mass of 1m² of liner 80±3g
Color amber
Storage terms and conditions Store at 15-20 ° C and 40-50% humidity. Protect from heat and sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months.
Application temperature +5 …+75 (±5)°С
Operating temperature -20…+95 (±5)°С

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