Unwinders of self-adhesive labels in rolls, max. width 140 mm or 230 mm. Internal cores from 40 to 110 mm. Max. outside diam. 300/400 mm. UNWINDERS FP UWR The winders are usually installed before a printer. They are very useful when the label rolls have a diameter too large to be mounted directly on the printer. Normally, the maximum outer diameter of the label roll is 200 mm for large printers and 127 mm for office printers. FP UWR is a series of unwinders of self-adhesive labels in roll constructed for an industrial use, robust, completely made of steel, equipped with a large support base for a stable connection to the printer. Available in versions with a width up to 140 mm. or 230 mm. The expansion mandrel allows the use of internal cores from 40 to 110 mm. and the rewinding of rolls having an outer diameter of 300 mm. An innovative roller dancer position detection system allows you to perfectly follow the speed of the printer avoiding snags and frequent stops. You can rewind cloc

Product features

Label max width mm. 140
External reel diameter mm. 300
Rewind speed variable 0-25 m/m
Supply 220 Volt – 50Hz single-phase
Power 30 W
Dimensions mm. 330 x 410 x 370 h
Weight Kg. 13

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