Cashew nut butter

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Ingredients: 100% cashew nuts Natural nut thick creamy butter with rich ingredients does not contain preserving agents, sugar, salt or any flavorings and is made by grinding the nuts using mill-stones until the separation of oil base. The raw materials undergo reduced thermal treatment. This product is Lenten and vegetarian. It may be consumed by people suffering from diabetes mellitus. Health properties of cashew nuts: •supporting the health of heart and vessels •increasing immunity •antibacterial properties •reducing blood cholesterol level. It is healthy to consume them in cases of: •anemia and dystrophy •asthma attacks and indigestions •influenza and inflammatory upper airway diseases Due to the product being natural oil separation is possible. Mix before consuming. Energy value: 600 kcal / 2,512 kJ Proteins: 18.5 g; fats: 48.5 g; carbohydrates: 22.5 g Shelf life: 12 months Storage conditions: at the temperature from 0C to +25C; keep away from direct sunlight.

  • nougats
  • pate' and pastes
  • Snack Foods

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Gross weight 445 g
Net weight 230 g

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