We specialise in supplying used Port wine barrels and other used fortified wine barrels (including sherry, Madeira and Muscatel). We receive barrels from port wine producers in varying qualities and all and refurbished and fully inspected and pressure tested before they leave our facility. Refurbishment involves replacing any broken staves with replacements taken from the same batch, sanding and cleaning the interior and replacing hoops where appropriate so that the barrels are 100% ready to be reused with absolute confidence. Whilst we generally have some limited stock of used Port wine barrels (and other fortified wine barrels) from across our range, for larger orders of 50 barrels of more we generally require several weeks lead time in order to ensure that the barrels can be sourced and refurbished. For our larger clients we can only guarantee supply based on programmed regular deliveries over a 12 month period. ** Ask for a quote **

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