Utility block - barn 3x4m



From time immemorial, utility buildings have been an integral part of any local household. And nowadays they are very popular due to their practicality and versatility. The utility block HB 4x3 according to the LESKOVO project provides for a part of the premises for storing inventory and other necessary things, as well as a part for a summer bathroom. What's included in the package: 1) Wall set: mini-timber 44x145 mm with saws for the project. The height of the walls is 2.16 m. 2) Floors: boarding joists, bottom strapping made of 45x140 mm board, 35 mm floor board. 3) Ceiling: timber imitation 20x135 mm. 4) Wooden windows, glass 4 mm, single. Treated with a colorless antiseptic. Fittings. 5) Wooden doors. 6) Platbands: dry planed board 20x100 mm. 7) Roof: Shinglas bituminous shingles. 8) Skirting board 35 mm.

Product information

3,0 * 4,0m
total area
10 m2
maximum gross weight
2,1 ton
maximum volume in a package
3,8 m3
wood moisture