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Valdamark Ltd are UK based manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke foil packaging and heat sealers to suit a wide variety of projects and applications. Our facility is centrally based in Manchester offering a convenient location to supply both national and international orders on the shortest lead times in our niche. The name has been trading since 1977 when we started life as a tapes and adhesives converter. The improvements that followed in packaging technology allowed us to develop other areas of expertise. As our reputation for client commitment grew we expanded our time critical delivery service. As well we our own bespoke cutting service we started to cater to a large range of consumables from premium brands. Our core business is made to order foil packaging. Moisture damage and corrosion protection solutions are a specialty, focusing around the impressive range of Valstrong ® barrier packaging laminates. These ‘best in class’ products twinned with our converting and finishing services give us a flexible approach to meet and exceed client expectations. No matter how technically demanding your project we can produce protective packaging for you. All our barrier foils meet and exceed the specifications in MIL-PRF-131k USA, DEF STAN 82-75/2 UK, DIN 55 531 Germany, & NF H00 310 France. Foil flat bags, bulk bags, pouches, FIBC liners, container liners, 3D barrier bags, Gaylord Bags, rolls and sheets are to name but a few of our available formats.

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MiniPax® Silica Gel packets with Tyvek® casing technology (+viewing window on reverse packets) are a patented formula which out perform competitors products for nearly all moisture control applications. They are designed to combat the effect of moisture damage to goods during transport or storage. This help by removing any excess moisture on goods which can result in internal corrosion even when they’re in a hermetically sealed environment. Unlike cheaper alternatives these sachets continue to prove themselves as a ‘best in class’ product. They remain reliable and durable. Perfect for protecting sensitive goods that are being transported or stored. Supplied to you in standard sized breathable sachets they come in box quantities for your convenience. They feature a standard print and are hermetically sealed in heavy duty foil bags. This packaging has the added benefit of giving the product an indefinite shelf life until it is actually used.

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Shockwatch self adhesive labels each contain a vial designed to break relative to the color coded range. Once damage occurs the vial breaks instantaneously releasing a red dye that will clearly indicate to the receiving party that poor handling has occurred. ShockWatch impact labels attach conveniently onto your shipment as a solution to prevent and deter bad handling from shipping and transportation services. These units raise awareness that the shipment is fragile and being monitored. ShockWatch Labels offer more than just a visual deterrent. They have real cost saving potential for damages incurred due to poor handling. As well as an improved brand perception for commitment to defect free deliveries. Shockwatch Impact Labels continually prove themselves to be highly effective in the modern supply chain. Allowing a cost effective and convenient solution for preventing shipping damage.

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If your goods need to be kept upright in transit, use Tip N Tell indicators to make sure they arrive with your client defect free. As part of our box sets (100/200/500) we also include shipping labels as standard. These brightly coloured red Tip N Tell indicators come with a companion alert label. This signals to your courier that the goods are being monitored. Tip N Tell is activated by pulling the release pin. Then attaching to your package or container. Clients have often had bad experiences with courier services mis-handling their freight. When goods need to be upright Tip and Tell continue to prove themselves as an effective visual deterrent. They immediately alert anyone who handles the package that it’s being monitored. This means there is some level of accountability with you and your courier.

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Our Barrier Foil Bags feature 7mm seals and tear nicks for easy opening. We supply from as few as 200 units. This material is an exclusive high performance aluminium barrier laminate foil. It is our most popular construction for good reason. It displays both high strength and high barrier properties. When compared to competitors laminates the VAL55HD demonstrates a build that is lighter but stronger. Perfect for protecting sensitive items from moisture and corrosion damage. Anywhere this may occur in the supply chain.

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