VCI Paper Rolls - EcoShield® VPCI 144 | 91.4cm x 182.9mtr & 121.9cm x 182.9mtr Rolls



EcoShield® VPCI 144 are premium, recyclable & replicable VCI paper rolls. This construction utilizes a sophisticated water-based barrier coating that demonstrates excellent resistance to the usual contaminants like oil and grease. The raw material used in this VCI paper contains 69% USDA certified bio-based content. This product is also recognised by federal purchasing initiatives under the USDA Bio Preferred program. Traditionally, Polyethylene and wax coatings have been used to create legacy wax VCI paper products. Specifically, these coatings have been used on porous paper to ‘seal’ the moisture vapour barrier that results from this approach. However, when coated this way the product becomes environmentally hazardous and cannot be recycled through the normal recycling channels. EcoShield® VPCI 144 is a competitive environmentally friendly alternative to traditional VCI paper rolls that contain wax, polyethylene, and other substrates.