Valdamark offer a wide range of market leading Metal Guard ® & Master Shield ® VCI Paper and films. Available both in roll and sheet format they feature a patented ‘best in class’ VCI Corrosion inhibitor formula. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit any application, you can rest assured your metal fabrications are being protected by the best with Metal Guard ® & Master Shield ®. The Metal Guard ® VCI film construction is a superior, multi faceted volatile corrosion inhibitor for the protection of ferrous and non- ferrous metals in the supply chain. A mixture of extruded LDPE low density polyethylene and a ‘best in class’ VCI formula give goods superior protection. Our VCI Paper Sheets and rolls have been designed to protect metals being shipped and stored over long periods. The Master Shield ® Kraft paper construction is a great packaging for protecting Ferrous Metals against the harms that corrosion causes in the supply chain.

Films for packaging
  • vci paper
  • VCI film
  • VCI plastic

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