The benefits of these VCI Zip Lock Bags focus around a multi point Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor that is blended into the material. Perfect for use with most metals and alloys. Corrosion inhibitor formulas works to Vaporise onto the chosen carrier. Weather this be paper or poly, the advanced compound will evaporate with the metallic surface of your product attracting the molecular compounds to form a protective barrier layer over them. This protective coating for your goods is formed to be approximately 5 or 6 molecules deep. The layer then pacifies the surface charge of the metal, creates its barrier and thus prevents oxygen and moisture damage. As mentioned delivery methods for VCI packaging can vary but one the chemical formula is released from its initial container it will evaporate to fill the space of the chosen storage system. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Films for packaging
  • VCI film
  • VCI bags
  • VCI plastic

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