A vertical support system is the preferable solution for a lot of plants. The adoption of this technique allows gaining the following benefits to cultivation of cucumbers, beans, peas and marrows: Cultivated land efficiency. The need for sown area reduces by half. Crop yield increase. All parts of a plant are equally exposed to the sun. Crop is less liable to diseases. Comfortable maintenance. Caring for plants becomes easier and handy. Decorative function. A garden or vegetable plot with trellis-mounted plants on a neat framework, which carefully bear twining stems of a climber, looks more tidy and attractive. Cucumber trellis netting F-150 and F-170 has large openings 15 cm wide. The netting is quite durable and can carry the heavy weight of rich crop. It makes harvesting easier. Can be used not only outdoors, but also in greenhouses.

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