Under defined conditions, the catalytic thermal oxidizer (CTO) is an economical alternative for cleaning organic air pollutants (including VOCs). The system has proven to be particularly efficient when handling identifiable and consistent pollutant loads. In general, exhaust gases containing silicon and phosphorous cannot be treated. Under defined conditions, the Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer (CTO) is an economical alternative for cleaning organic air pollutants. The procedure is based upon the fact that under suitable conditions, even low amounts of volatile pollutants can be burnt without producing residue. This process would have required a high amount of heat energy. Therefore a catalyser and a heat exchanger are installed. The tubular heat exchanger installed behind the catalyser uses as much energy from the hot clean gases as possible in order to heat up the cold raw gases. The job of the catalyser is to decrease the amount of energy required to convert the pollutants without being depleted during the reaction. The raw gas loaded with pollutants is then forced into the heat exchangers of the CTO by the process fan. Here the raw gas is pre-heated by the hot clean gas. When required the burner heats up the exhaust gas further in the combustion chamber to the ignition temperature of the catalyser. In the catalyser the pollutants are converted into non-polluting CO2 and H20 vapour. After the catalyser, the clean gas is forced into the heat exchanger tubes. Along the way through the heat exchanger tubes the raw gases is heated and cooled. Eventually the clean gas leaves the system via the clean gas socket.


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