The thermal incinerator (TI for short) is a system which converts gas or vaporous pollutants found in exhaust gas into non-polluting compounds by way of direct combustion. This machine is characterized by: The thermal incinerator (TI for short) is a proven and robust plant for the conversion of organic pollutants (VOCs, etc.). Today it is used especially for processes which involve high exposure to condensation or dust, or for specialized solutions requiring greater heat recovery potential. An example of this would be exhaust gases containing plasticizers or siloxane. The modular design of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger especially is conducive to servicing and cleaning compared to other designs. The polluted air is forced by means of a centrifugal fan into the tube bundle heat exchanger where it circulates around the tube bundle in a cross-current fashion. The heat exchanger can be designed for an efficiency of up to 70%. The pollutants are converted in the combustion chamber at a temperature of around 760 °C. After extensive heat transfer to the raw noxious gas, the cooled clean gas leaves the plant, where it can be supplied to various heat recovery systems (or a combination of several). The auxiliary burners can be operated with natural gas or propane or light heating oil.


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