The application of CO 2 ice jet spraying is convincing. Ranging between CO 2 cleaning and high-performance dust removal with regard to quality, optimum pretreatment can be accomplished with this system variant, only requiring simple workpiece fixing and little noise protection measures. DUST FREE can be flexibly integrated in existing equipment. A cleaning jet consisting of a mix of compressed air, CO2 and CO2 ice particles causes the soiling on the surface to become brittle. The thermal tension loosens cohesion and detaches the soiling from the workpiece surface. The cleaning jet guarantees the removal of soiling without residue. The DUST FREE and PERFECT applications optimally meet the requirements of the subsequent downstream surface quality, offering maximum thoroughness from dust removal through to cleaning. This process allows gentle cleaning of virtually all components, therefore, it is an alternative to aqueous power washing. Patented detail solutions form the basis for this mature system technology. Small workpieces are reliably held in place by the special hold-down system. The Venjakob pump station developed for this task guarantees the process reliable supply of liquid CO 2 from a low pressure tank system to the cleaning module. A clear advantage of the CO2 cleaning system over the conventional aqueous cleaning process is its relatively small space requirement. Additional decisive advantages of this system are:

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