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VG grade bitumens - viscosity grade bitumen supplier


jgp co is an Iranian supplier and manufacturer who can supply you any kind of petroleum product Viscosity Grade Bitumen (Asphalt) is a standard grade Bitumen usually used as a Paving Grade Bitumen suitable for road construction and for the production of asphalt pavements with superior properties. This grade of Bitumen is mainly used in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses, and possesses characteristics and qualities unique sand quite different from other agents. They achieve very flexible and tenacious connections with other materials due mainly to visco elastic response of bitumen, which behavior depends on how fast charges are applied. Viscosity Grade Bitumen supplied by BITUMINA is petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from fractional / vacuum distillation of crude oil, which practical appliance and behavior varies according to its temperature. The Bitumen supplied by BITUMEN is produced from vacuum residue (short residue) feedstock.