The original - other manufacturers simply copied it: Connectors of the CA-Bayonet series from ITT Cannon impress due to their good contact technology. They correspond to VG95234 and are an improved development of MIL-C-5015. Today, these connectors are used in the transportation and military sector in electrical equipment for different applications, whether in trucks, utility vehicles, water vehicles, in the rail sector as well as in military facilities, radar systems and vehicles. These are water-proof connectors that are completely sealed and insensitive to condensation, vibration and contamination. Available in RoHS and non-RoHS compliant surfaces.

Product features

Coupling: Reverse bayonet
IP 67
-55 to +125°C
1 to 65 pin, 156 contact arrangements
Solder or crimp contact, AWG 20 to 0
Current 8 to 245 A
Voltage up to 50 V
Surface platings cadmium, olive drab chromate, zinc-cobalt black and green, zinc-nickel blue-grey (B

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