VG96912 / CGK

Miniature circular connectors for signal transmission in military,...


The miniature connectors of the CGK series for signal transmission are ideal if limited space plays an important role. When the installation situation does not allow for expansion, the CGK series provides a higher contact density than in the VG95328 series by miniaturisation: from 2 to 128 contacts. An additional bonus is the low weight as aluminium is used for the hardware. Thus it provides good connections in military and civil aviation as well as in test and communication applications. Available in shielded and unshielded versions as well as in RoHS and non-RoHS compliant surface platings.

Product features

Coupling: 3-point bayonet
IP 67
-65 to 175°C
35 contact arrangements
2 to 128 contacts
Crimp contact or printed circuit board (PCB)
Current up to 35 A
Voltage up to 50 volt
Scoop proof = 100% contact protection for pin contacts = safeguarding against damage and  short circ
Surface platings cadmium olive drab, nickel

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