VIBRO-MG (metal) - Vibration sensors

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The vibration sensors VIBRO-MG are intended to detect deliberate destruction of metal grids or metal shields. The alarm is generated in the case of sawing, drilling or multiple beats. Vibration sensors VIBRO-MG are intended for detection of destruction of physical fences. The vibration sensor VIBRO-MG used for the protection of sewers, storm drains and other fences temporary flooded. If the surface of detection allows, it is possible in some cases to use the sensor to protect two grids welded by the metal rod, Like this we decrease expenses. Vandal-proof housing makes it impossible to dismount the sensor without opening the cover. Under the cover there is the tamper. Easy design and reliable sensors are well protected from climatic effects. VIBRO-MG keeps its specifications under water jets or during temporary flood.

Product information

Protected surface
10 m2
Supply Voltage
6…30 V
Current consumption
0,002 A
Detection probability
Operational temperature
minus 45...+65 °C
Protection Level
Alarm output
Relay contacts
90x58x65 mm
0,25 kg