1000.00€ HT


The "OKO-M" module is designed to control the work of construction equipment (cranes, excavators) at temporary sites. Can be used as an access point for OKO-P. MODULE «OKO-M» COMPOSITION: 1. Camcorder module with microphone and Wi-Fi transmitter 2. Tripod

Video surveillance systems
  • Construction control
  • Construction site installations and equipment
  • Protection and security services

Product features

Dimensions 80×170×70 mm
Body material glass filled acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS-GF)
Body material for extreme conditions (-50 + 80) polyamide glass-filled (PA-GF)
Weight 600 g
Power cable length 2 m
MicroSD slot 64 GB
Video transmission protocol webRTC(поддержка работы за NAT), rtsp
Video codec H264
Video resolution 1920×1080 px
Frame rate 16 frame/sec
Power consumption up to 8 W

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