Trade fairs, Conventions, Television, Concerts, Fashion and Sportive Events


• Esdlumen Pixel Pitch 2.5mm Mini Black SMD 3in1 Indoor, dimension tile cm 48×48; • Esdlumen Pixel Pitch 3.75mm Mini MN37S Indoor, dimension tile cm 48×48; • Panasonic 80'' Multi-touch Display Full HD; • Acronn Pixel Pitch 5mm AirLED Indoor, dimension tile cm 50×50; • Acronn iMira Digital Poster 2.5mm; • Acronn Pixel Pitch 12.5mm Rollable Curtain Indoor/Outdoor, dimension tile cm 120×30; • Acronn Pixel Pitch 18.75mm Curtain Strip Indoor/Outdoor, dimension tile cm 60×60; • Christie Projectors DLP 18K e 30K Full HD; • Panasonic Projectors PTDZ 21K; • Analog Way Mixer Grafico Di Ventix; • Analog Way Consolle Vertige; • Analog Way Switcher NeXtage 16; • Unitech Pixel Pitch 8.9mm Floor Display Indoor, dimension tile cm 50×50; • Robot KUKA KR 240; • Coolux Server Quad View Pandoras Box; • Dataton Whatchout Multi screen software; • Dataton Whatchmax Mediaserver 4 uscite

  • Events marketing
  • led wall
  • maxi screen rental
  • video system rental for events

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00036 Roma - Italy

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