VNG 703

Setting tool for blind rivet nuts and studs


Reliable with low wear. On the HONSEL BZ 143A, the clamping jaws are specially adapted to the trapezoidal grooves of the rivet mandrel. In combination with the modified clamping mechanism, this guarantees secure and positive setting of FERO® BULB high-strength blind rivets (or comparable types) with mandrel diameters from 3.8 to 6.15/6.5 mm! Wear of the clamping jaws is minimised!

Nuts and bolts
  • riveter
  • battery riveter
  • rivet gun

Product features

Weight 2.5 kg
Stroke 9 mm
Revolutions per minute screwing 1800, removing 2500
Pressure 5-7 bar
Working power at 7 bar 20.000 N
Noise < 75 dB(A)(68,32)
Air consumption 4.4 litre
Hose connection G 1/4 inside, Installation left or right side

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Honsel VNG 703

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