Shot meter has a modular design and is known for its reliability and precision. It is user-friendly and comes with a large selection of chamber sizes. Description Modular design Reliable dispensing for material savings Robot speed feed-back for enhanced bead control Performance Precise bead volume control with AUTOSTREAM control unit TCPP - Tool Center Point Prediction for constant bead while robot speed varies Integrated heating device for spray pattern control Inline swirl head for reduced pressure losses Productivity Modular design for quick and easy maintenance Chamber sizes available from 25 to 300 cc (interchangeable) Sustainability Maximum volumes 300cc Maximum Ratio 33:1 Maximum Temperature 80 °C Electric driven with integrated heating elements which enables accurate dispensing of viscous materials using the dedicated AUTOSTREAM controller.

Product features

Power Supply 230
Air Inlet 6 JICM (NPTF)
Dispense Volume 25 cc
Weight 12 (26.46) kg (lbs)
Flow Rate (instantaneous) 195 cc/min
Product Pressure 200 (2900) bar
Max Product Temperature 80 (176) °C
Stroke 86 mm
Power 515 W
Required Space 777 x 182 x 154 mm

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