VP 9101 - Precision Syringe Pump  - ILS INNOVATIVE LABOR SYSTEME GMBH


OEM Application in Microliter Dosage * Rugged design * High precision * Small form factor * Low weight * Good compatability of - geometry - control Catalog number 2709101 Software Download Power requirements: Supply voltage: 24VDC ± 5V Currents: Max.1A Resolution: 3000 steps Plunger drive: Principle: Quad encoder for loss of steps, detection of loss steps with error message Travel: 30mm Plunger speed: 1.2 sec. - 20 min./full stroke (speed ranges vary depending on syringe size and tubing) Syringes: Type: XP: 50µl, 100µl, 250µl, 500µl, 1.0ml, 2.5ml, 5.0ml Imprecision: 0.05% CV within run at full stroke (for 1000µl syringe and above) Inaccuracy: <1.0% at full stroke Fluid contact: Glass, PCTFE and Teflon Valve/valve drive: Valve options: 120° 3-port distribution Turn time: 250ms between adjacent ports Drive: Stepper motor with optical sensor for position detection Positions: Input, output, bypass Materials: Plug: virgin teflon Body: PCTFE Fittings: 1/4-28"-UNF screw fitting for syringe Interface: Type: RS 232, RS 485 or CAN bus Baudrate: 9.600 or 38.400, 100K or 125K (CAN bus) Format: Data bits: 8 parity: none Stop bits: 1 half duplex Addressing: up to 15 XP/AL devices can be addressed individually Communication: Data terminal and OEM protocol Firmware: Programmable ramps, cutoffs, backlash compensation, plunger speeds, delays and loops Arbitrarily selectable plunger speed Clearance compensation Absolute and relative positions Diagnostics Flash-PROM Environmental: Temperature: 17-37°C Humidity: 10-85% Non condensing RH at: 5°C-40°C Dimensions: Height: 127mm (+)1mm Width: 45mm (+)1mm Depth: 113mm Weight: 1.2kg

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