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VPCI 149®

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper


Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Paper products from Cortec are unique in their ability to provide ‘best in class’ corrosion protection for a wide variety of metals. VPCI 149 has been specifically formulated to give enhanced protection to sensitive metals such as copper, aluminium and cast iron. VPCI 149® has a diverse range of applications and can be used as an effective solution for a variety of packaging needs. The paper itself has a unique feel, as it uses a neutral & natural kraft paper the coating is such that whilst the paper has a ‘soft’ feel it wraps very easily around metal parts. This makes VPCI 149 extremely easy to use. Furthermore, as this construction does not use saturated paper like cheaper alternatives it maintains a remarkably high tear resistance. This specification utilizes the renowned vapour phase corrosion inhibitor technology that results in a far superior level of protection to legacy VCI Paper alternatives.

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