Chemical anchors


BI-COMPONENT VINYLESTER STYRENE FREE CHEMICAL ANCHOR FOR STRUCTURAL / HIGH LOADS, CE MARKED AND ETA ASSESSED FOR USE IN CONCRETE. ETA (European Technical Assessments) updated according to the Construction Product Regulation 305/2011. ETA-09/0140: Assessment according to EAD-330499 for uncracked concrete, Option 7, for diameters from M8 to M30 and for rebars from 8 mm to 32 mm. Performace for cracked concrete, Option 1, with rod M10-M12-M16-M20. Seismic qualification according to EOTA Technical Report TR049. The product is qualified in seismic category C1 for diameters M12-M16-M20 and seismic category C2 for diameters M12-M16. The product is homologated for fixings with a variable anchorage depth, to give the designer a high degree of flexibility. Maximum anchoring depth up to twenty times the nominal diameter of the threaded rod. Certified service temperatures are in the ranges: -40°C/+40°C (T° max long period = +24°C) ,-40°C/+80°C (T° max long period = +50°C) and -40°C/+120°C...

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