VS12 D

Automatic vertical slicer


Premium automatic vertical slicer Slicing without touching for maximum hygiene and optimal presentation The core component is a powerful blade drive with intelligent motor control Emotion®. Thanks to an automatic depositing system slices are laid out without manual handling and numerous depositing patterns allow optimal product presentation. The depositing system entirely made of stainless steel can be easily and quickly disassembled for thorough and efficient cleaning. The membrane keyboard with intuitive operating symbols ensures easy operation. Depositing patterns can be comfortably configured via direct keys and most frequently used keys can be permanently stored.

Ham-slicers for butchers and delicatessens
  • Automatic vertical slicer
  • Food Processing
  • vs12 d

Product features

Voltage 230 V single-phase alternating current 220 - 240 V single-phase alternating current with Emotion® 40
Housing materials anodized aluminum Ceraclean® (optional)
Installation area (L x W) 520 x 433 mm / 20.5" x 17.1"
Max. dimensions (L x W x H) 744 x 941 x 536 mm / 29.3" x 37.1" x 21.1"
Blade diameter 330 mm / 13.0"
Product size Round: Ø 225 mm / 8.9" Height: 175 mm / 6.9" Width: 260 mm / 10.2" With depositing arm: Round: Ø 180
Slice thickness adjustment 0 - 24 mm / 0 - 0.9" Infinitely adjustable, with depositing arm: 0.5 - 8 mm / 0.02 - 0.3" Fine setti
IP rating IP33

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