The best solution for all your liquid waste transport The Stokota VACTRANS The VACTRANS is our high-performance solution for all your transport needs of liquid waste. Due to the high capacity of the barrel, the use of stainless steel and the on-board vacuum pump, the VACTRANS is the ideal answer where efficiency is needed in operation and transport. It is capable of handling all your suction/transport jobs and can be used in the chemical and petro-chemical industries for a variety of dangerous products, as well as in all other industrial and waste-water sectors. It is build on a 3-axle trailer and is equipped with a barrel in stainless steel 316L, according to ADR. A mid-range but adequate exhauster of 950 m³/h is standard installed. It is powered either by a donkey engine mounted on the trailer, or hydraulically driven from a hydro-pack unit on the tractor. The barrel is equipped with a fully hydraulically operated rear cover, which opens over the entire diameter. Smooth product inta

Product features

  Waste   for hazardous waste products acc. ADR 2005 - §6.10 – tank code L4BH & S4AH   
  Type   3 axle articulated trailer
  GCW   44t
  Axles   Arvin Meritor with disc brakes
  Suspension   Air suspension
  Power take-off   donkey engine on the trailer or hydro-pack on the tractor
  Shape   cylindrical - stainless steel 316L (1.4404)
  Capacity   27.000 L
  Tipping tank   No
  Manhole   3 Off
  Walkway   full length on one side
  Rear door   full hydraulic opening upwards
  Rear door clamps   hydraulically operated
  Inlet valve   ND100
  Outlet valve   2x ND100 in series
  Vacuum pump   rotary vane pump
  Flow   ±950 m³/h
  Drive   mechanical or hydraulic
  Ductwork   stainless steel
  Pressure mode   change-over by pneumatic operated 4-way valve
  Max pressure   1 bar
  Further equipment   hose rack on both sides
 Outside   acrylic paint


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