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Our vacuum drawer enables you to carefully prepare and naturally conserve foodstuffs. It was developed by Gronbach and is now in serial production at our site. The main advantage of the drawer over other vacuum appliances lies in its compact design and in the pressure control. Unlike most free-standing appliances, a vacuum is created not only in the bag but in the entire compartment and in this way, no pressure differences are brought to bear on the foodstuff during the creation of the vacuum. Foodstuffs with a high liquid content and even entire liquids (soups, sauces, etc) can be processed in this way. Once sealed aromas, nutrients, vitamins as well as the cell structure and nutritional juices remain unaltered the foodstuffs are optimally prepared for sous-vide cooking methods the efficient absorption of spicy aromas is guaranteed with sous-vide cooking in a bain-marie or a steamer ingredients remain fresh up to three times longer when in the...

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83512 Wasserburg - Germany