SweetStuff 200 vacuum cooker / concentrator is designed for low and high temperature cooking of a wide range of products - confectionery mixtures, jams, caramels, sauces, including high viscosity and low-liquid products, as well as the concentration of various extracts and similar products in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry. Vacuum cooker is used for Jams Sauces Various types of confectionery sortiments Oriental sweets BENEFITS Highest efficiency of evaporation. Concentration/cooking of the product takes minimal time. Compactness - All components needed are compactly positioned. The device occupies a minimum of space. Wide range of working temperature - Evaporation process starts at 40 ° C, it is possible to evaporate even at temperatures up to 115 ° C with caramelization of the product is required. Possibility to work with a viscous product Find out more at http://normit.

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