Normit vacuum diffuser is designed for adding salt and sugar solutions, as well as oil or water-based ferments, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It provides even distribution of added ingredients across a large volume of product. Ingredients are added during consistent mixing, so they are evenly distributed across the entire volume of the product. Contrary to the traditional methods, where ingredients are only applied to the outside of the product. In Normit Vacuum Diffusor, the additive also penetrates into the product and reaches its pores, which naturally increases the taste and smell of your product. APPLICATION: Vacuum diffuser is used for: Animal food Nuts Seeds Granules Grain products HOW IT WORKS The dry product is poured into the chamber. When the vacuum is switched on, air is removed from the chamber and the pores of the product. Consequently, during consistent mixing, the ingredient is added into the vacuum chamber and distributed. Find out more at www.normit.

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