Vacuum shovel dryer DRUVATHERM®

Lödige's Vacuum shovel dryer DRUVATHERM®


Lödige shovel dryers are batch vacuum dryers. The mixing elements are frequency-controlled for ideal adaptation to the process. Special rotating mixing elements, installed in a cylindrical drum equipped with a temperature control jacket, create a three-dimensional product movement . The resulting contact frequency of the particles with the heat exchange surface leads to incredibly short drying times. The intelligent product movement ensures intense contact of individual product particles with the heated container wall while also providing very gentle product treatment. The chopper rotating at high speeds is used to disperse the product during transition between phases. Product surfaces are opened up during this process. This leads to a significant increase in drying capacity and prevents moisture and temperature gradients. Fine particles pulled along by solvent vapours are separated in the filter and returned to the product bed through pneumatic filter cleaning.

Chemical industry - machinery and equipment
  • vacuum dryer
  • shovel dryer
  • contact drying

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