Vacuum truck MV


Vacuum truck MV is intended for the collection of liquid waste, technical water and their further transportation to utilization spot. By means of the pump vacuum is created inside the tank and the liquid, pumped through the hose, is supplied inside the tank. Tank discharge is carried out by gravity drainage or with the help of the pump, boosting air inside the tank. Unit is equipped with: Tank with support, Pump unit, Power take-off unit for pump drive, Piping, drain valve and other extra equipment.

Trailers, tank
  • Vacuum truck
  • Utility equipment
  • plants and equipment for special waste

Product features

Chassis GAZ, ZIL, KAMAZ and other
Dimensions: length * width * height 7 000 * 2 200 * 2 600 mm
Tank capacity 4 m3
Maximum vacuum inside the tank 0,08 MPa
Pump output 240 m3/ч
Suction depth 4 m

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