Vapor Permeable Air Barrier

Laminated Foil


Vapor permeable air barrier(Vapor Permeable Sheet) film is a vapor permeable, composed of professional breathable carrier film and specially designed adhesive. It has an excellent preventive and protective effect against the damage caused by the intrusion of air and water on building structures. It creates an effective barrier against air infiltration and exfiltration, which reduces associated energy loss and condensation problems through the building envelope. vapor permeable air barrier is vapor permeable for use in wall assemblies requiring a "breathable" characteristic. As a vapor permeable membrane, it permits the diffusion of water vapor that may otherwise condense in the wall structure.

Aluminium foil for packing
  • Vapor Permeable Air Barrier
  • Vapor Permeable Sheet
  • aluminum vapor barrier

Product features

weight 235 g/m²
Aluminum vapor barrier 40 microns
Thickness 2-3mm
weight around 250g/sqm
Width 1m / 1.2m / 1.5m
Aluminum thickness 40um

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