The variable dryer station includes a frame and the JETBOXX® docking system. JETBOXX® top-mounted dryers can be temporarily or permanently converted into portion dryers. HELIOS top-mounted dryers are positioned on the base frame with docking plates. The docking plate functions as holding device for the drying control and as docking station for changing drying containers. When the drying time has elapsed the hermetically sealed containers can be moved comfortably by rack to the point of consumption. They are mounted directly on the feeding section and the dried material can be processed. The variable dryer station is applicable for example as pre-drying station for quick change of material, as dryer station for sample batches, for batch drying for small quantities / sampling, or for cleanroom supply with hermetically sealed dry material containers.

Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment
  • plastics dryer
  • granules dryer
  • dryer system

Product features

Type of dryer Mobile - Frame
Dryer control WINneo / WINsystem
Container sizes 0,5 - 50 liters
Drying temperatur 185°C
Dew point system WINsystem
Docking station 2/3/4
Power supply 230V, 50/60 Hz
Compressed air qual. ISO 8573-1
Connection 6-10 bar

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