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Vci Films for Corrosion Resistance

Ultimate Corrosion Protection


VCI Stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. These VCI Paper sheets use a sophisticated surface neutralization mechanism. In a state of equilibrium the VCI Corrosion Inhibitor will adhere to the surface of the metal when deposited. This then protects the product until the formula is manually removed with either a water spray or compressed air. This VCI Corrosion inhibitor is unlike cheaper alternatives in that it will regenerate itself by drawing on the remnants of the formula within the VCI atmosphere contained within the enclosure. So it keeps working! What are the advantages of our VCI Films for Corrosion Resistance? Easy to use – You do not need to use this with an oil coating. Low cost – Saves on labor costs. No special disposal process. Simple application – There is no need to use a solvent or degrease product on the surface. Eco Friendly – Easy disposal, can be thermally recycled.

Films for packaging
  • VCI bags
  • VCI film
  • producers of VCI plastic

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