Combination V-block and angle plate and has for its object the provision of a tool which may be utilized as a V- block or as an angle plate. • As the name rightly suggests it has dual usage as a vee block and an angle plate. • Having a single piece close grained cast iron construction, which ensures rigidity. • Casting are stress relieved. • Useful for easy operations in set up jobs. • The angle block is precision ground and has a parallelism of + 0.005” (0.012 mm) and a squareness of + 0.005” (0.012 mm). Item Code No.LengthWidthHeight ABM-EPT-88303”3”5” ABM-EPT-88314”4”6” ABM-EPT-88325”5”7” ABM-EPT-88336”6”8”

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  • Vee Angle Blocks & Angle Plate Combined Manufacturer and Exporter india
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