FiberGel LC ® Celery is a clean label product with unique thickening and gel-forming effects. This clean label and unique fiber can offer multiple functionalities as well as the nutritional benefit of added fiber to your food application. Derived from celery and in the presence of calcium it can provide moisture binding at a ratio of 1:12. It can be declared as celery fiber standardized with Turbinado sugar. One of the most unique selling points of these E-number-free texture enhancing products are the creation of thermo-irreversible, retort stable gels in the presence of calcium ions. Applications • Bakery • Beverages • Fillings • Meat and Fish • Vegetarien Foods How to use This product is user friendly and highly functional when applied correctly. We strongly recommend high shear and heating to „open up the fiber“ in order to maximize the products potential and functionality.


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