Vehicle anti-theft system

Prizrak-5S/BT, Aftermarket


The advantages of the Immobilizer system 5S/BT lie in ample anti-theft opportunities allowing to protect vehicles from the most popular carjacking methods, including stealing the vehicle’s original key and «intellectual hacking» (relay stations, «code grabbers» and etc.). The vehicle immobilizer system Prizrak 5S/BT has been built on an entirely new platform which has absorbed the newest Bluetooth technologies. Due to this, the Immobilizer can be paired with peripheral devices (e.g. HCU-230, BT-relay). The convenience of Bluetooth technologies lies in the possibility of using a smartphone as a tag. After pairing a smartphone with the Immobilizer system the authentication of a vehicle owner can be carried out by one of the following methods: - by carrying a special Slim tag within a vehicle; - by entering a secret PIN code with original vehicle buttons; - by using a smartphone as a tag. If vehicle owner’s authentication is not carried out – the system immobilizes the vehicle.

Anti-theft systems, vehicles
  • anti-theft devices for motor vehicles
  • safety signs
  • satellite burglar alarms for transport vehicles

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