Vehicle security and telematic system

Prizrak-810/BT, Aftermarket


This is the renewed version of Prizrak 8xx series vehicle telematic and anti-theft complex. The GSM car alarm system has been completely redesigned and rebuilt on an entirely new platform using the most cutting-edge technologies. Prizrak 840/BT is capable to utilize Bluetooth technologies. The alarm is supplied with a compact external GSM antenna which establishes high quality of cellular network connection. The alarm system allows remote starting a vehicle by means of the built-in keyless bypass module and remote controlling an engine heater, providing comfortable exploitation of the vehicle. The anti-theft features PINтоDrive® and AntiHiJack in combination with the wireless engine blocking relay provide strong anti-theft protection. Prizrak 840/BT is capable to effectively deter would-be thieves from attempting to steal a vehicle. The mobile app Prizrak allows controlling a vehicle, viewing vehicle tracks on the map and travel history (available for IOS and Android).

Anti-theft systems, vehicles
  • telephone-linked anti-theft device
  • signage
  • satellite burglar alarm

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