Vehicle security and telematic system

Prizrak-830/BT, Aftermarket


Prizrak 830/BT brings convenience of using a GSM car alarm system to an entirely new level. Having a tiny radio tag in the vehicle’s vicinity is enough for the alarm system to automatically acknowledge the owner of the alarm. Thus, the anti-theft features PINtoDRIVE and AntiHiJack can be disabled without having to enter a secret PIN code combination. Radio tags allow implementing a very handy feature which enables the GSM car alarm system to disarm and unlock the vehicle’s doors upon detecting a registered radio tag in the system’s range while the vehicle’s engine is running via remote start. Radio tags provide one more security level for vehicles equipped with OEM keyless access system. In order to protect such a vulnerable control channel, our engineers have developed a special feature that makes the alarm always monitoring radio tag presence in the vehicle’s vicinity and doesn’t allow the GSM alarm to disarm even after unlocking the vehicle with the original remote.

Anti-theft systems, vehicles
  • GSM car alarm system
  • anti-theft devices for motor vehicles
  • transportation security installations and systems

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